Phone Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions: Effective Troubleshooting Tips

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Experiencing issues with your phone connecting to Wi-Fi but failing to access the internet? Our ‘Phone Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions’ guide addresses this common problem. This common issue isn’t limited to phones alone. This comprehensive guide not only delves into phone-related Wi-Fi issues but also covers general ‘Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions’ for all devices. In our experience, any device that connects to Wi-Fi might encounter this issue. This article will explore effective solutions to ensure your phone successfully accesses the internet via Wi-Fi.

One effective ‘Wi-Fi Connectivity Solution’ is altering your modem’s encryption type, a tactic that can aid various devices. This method is often effective across various devices. On your modem, which has different types of encryption, you can change the encryption methods one by one, and thus, you can try to enable internet access via your phone’s WiFi with each attempt. But let’s say that didn’t work…

So what do we do now for Phone Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions ?

Let’s say you’re at home. Your modem is fine; in fact, everyone else is connecting to the internet through your modem, but you say, “my phone won’t connect to the internet via WiFi with my own modem.” This situation can even drive you crazy, but stay calm…

For both Android and iOS devices, try forgetting and reconnecting to the network when facing Wi-Fi issues.

Your problem may be due to your phone’s DNS settings. In this case, you need to set a DNS and an IP address for your phone… How? We’ll immediately share the information on how to change Android DNS settings for solving the Android Wi-Fi problem:
To change Android DNS settings: First, enter the menu of your phone or tablet, then select Settings. Here, turn on Wi-Fi, and then click on Wi-Fi. After the device scan, click on your own device that you see but cannot connect to, and enter your password. Then, check the box below that says Show Advanced Options.

Here, under IP settings, you need to set DHCP to static. At this point, the first thing you need to change is the IP address, where changing the last three digits will be sufficient. Then you should change the part that says Gateway, where changing either the last two digits or just one of them will suffice.

For example: If your IP address is >> after change it would be

For DNS 1, write, and for DNS 2, write After completing these steps and confirming with OK, you can try accessing the internet by turning off and on your modem.

Also, don’t forget to ensure that the security encryption on your modem is WPA2 PSK, and that MAC filtering is turned off. 

  1. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Problems on iPhone
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  • benim telefon htc, wifi bağlanıyor ama internet bağlantısı yok. dns vs ekrandaki gibi. IP ne olarak değiştirmek lazım? nasıl bağlantı sorununu çözeceğim?

  • Bu noktada, İP adresi ilk değiştirmeniz gereken yer, son üç rakamı değiştirmeniz yeterli olacaktır. Sonrasında Geçit yazan kısmı değiştirmelisiniz ki burada, sondan ikinci nokta itibari ile, geçerli olan iki rakamı, ya da sadece birisini değiştirmeniz yeterli olacaktır…
    Şu cümlelerden bir şey anlayan varmı? sondan iki nokta itibari ile geçerli olan iki rakamı neyle değiştiriyoruz ne rakamı girmemiz lazım arkadaşım ya tam anlat yada hiç konu açma

    • genelde modeminizde WPA2 PSK olmasına, ve MAC filtrelemesinin kapalı olduğuna da dikkat etmeyi unutmamanız gerekmektedir.
      yada Modeminizin kanal seçimi modem arayüzünden otomatik olmalı.

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